Sculptures in wood
Pictured here is Elizabeth Nelson of the Asheville Ballet posed with "Lyra" by Chad Awalt carved in Lindenwood.

Working together with Ann Dunn, the Director of the Asheville Ballet, a beautiful and uplifting collaboration of the arts has been brought to fruition. Awalt and Dunn have combined their talents of visual arts, performing arts and poetry to create an experience that is both unique and moving that will touch your soul.

This event will take place March 18th, 19th, and 20th, at The Diana Wortham Theatre, in Asheville North Carolina. For more information visit,

This production started one year ago when Awalt started Working with six of the dancers with the dance company. Studies were done of each of the dancers which have now become life size sculptures carved in wood. Chad worked to capture the dancers ability of expression with his unique style of sculpture. The flowing lines captured with negative space create a sense of motion for the viewer which enhances the feeling of dance. Awalts sculptures are brought together by Dunn on stage to combine with her choreography and poetry. To watch the dancers on stage bring this together is a moving experience. This performance is filled with emotion that will leave you feeling good about life.

Marie Terrel Gallery will host a reception Friday evening after The performance. All of the sculptures will be at the gallery for Viewing and available for sale.

For more information contact
Terry Meeks at 828-254-5353
20 East walnut Street
Asheville North Carolina

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